Performance and richer editorial experiences key take away at WP Engine Summit

WP Engine’s Australian summit took place last week in Sydney, and I was able to attend and see the latest from WP Engine and a range of speakers.

The key takeaways for us were around performance (speed) and building richer editorial experience with Gutenberg, as it passes its first year out in the wild.

Performance has become a key indicator of a sites success with Search Engine performance. Even more importantly, with the rise of Generation Z becoming future readers or customers, page load time and site performance has a direct relationship with a generation that will wait less than other generations.

The other main topic of the day was a number of talks about extending WordPress’ new core editor, previously known as Gutenberg.

The WordPress block based editor gives users of the content management system greater flexibility and one of the best page building experiences available today.

But the default implementation of the editor is just the beginning. WordPress can now be extended and developed to create much more complex and specific editorial interfaces.

Paul Tevis

Paul is an Agile Delivery Manager for major projects at The Code Company. He manages team sprints and works with the Agile methodology to deliver projects.