We're a technical agency to help
publishers succeed online with WordPress.

We are a technical agency, first and foremost. Specialising in engineering-grade expertise means we aren’t a full-service agency that codes on the side.

We focus on the research and planning that goes into a build, as much as the technical knowledge that it takes to build something well. We apply best practices, our own relevant experience, and critical thinking to create the best websites for our clients.

The Code Company utilises a distributed team of technical specialists to serve an international clientele from any timezone.

Our clients include small- to medium-business ventures, all the way to corporate clients, including some of the biggest online publishers in Australia. We also work with agencies who want more specialist help.

Our clients rely on us to solve technical problems, handle content migrations, build bespoke websites from scratch, and advise them on strategy.

Australian Based, Global Reach

Since we are not constricted by a single physical location, our clients can take advantage of multiple timezone benefits and a remote team that communicates seamlessly, digitally. This keeps everything transparent, makes for easy records keeping, and allows our team to visit clients around the world.

Operating as a remote company also allows us to invest more in training our team, so that everyone is updated on best practices and the latest industry trends. In this way we ensure our team members are smart, skilled, and successful.

Laptop with The Code Company team on Zoom

An Australian
WordPress VIP agency

The Code Company is a specialist WordPress agency that works exclusively with online media and publishers.

We are one of only a few WordPress VIP partner agencies around the world and even fewer in Australia. WordPress VIP possibly one of the largest media and publishing platforms and why it can be a great choice for many of our customers.

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