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Hi, We're The Code Company

We’re not a typical full service agency. We don’t design logos or help you manage your Twitter feed. If we look fashionable in glasses, that is purely a coincidence.

We’re a technical WordPress VIP agency that solves complex problems at scale. We do this without fuss or razzle dazzle, and we do it for busy digital publishers who dream big. Our clients aren’t looking for high fives and attitude.
They just want things that work.

Take advantage of our experience making large and complex migrations to WordPress as smooth as possible.

Get the right partner to help create your new digital publishing platform powered by WordPress.

Every business has unique aspects to their workflows and products. We can customise WordPress to suit.

You can rely on us to navigate the challenges of scaling large content websites unique to digital publishers. 


Australia's most vigorously independent news publication, with 20 years of fearless journalism under its belt, needed to mordernise its publishing technology stack for the 21st century.

What we're writing about

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Decoding who owns your content on the internet

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