Hi! We're The Code Company

Coders, thinkers, problem solvers, team players.

We’re The Code Company.

We’re The Code Company, an Australian-based technical agency specialising in custom-built enterprise WordPress solutions. A bit of a mouthful, we know.

Basically, we solve problems. Problems like websites crashing under high traffic and complex integrations. Content migrations and bespoke web development from scratch. We’re not the flavour of the month. We’re the thing that works. Dependability isn’t a trendy virtue, but we’re bringing it back, one project at a time.

What we do.

We’re not a full service agency that codes on the side. (We have talented friends that can handle things like design or marketing). What makes us different from other specialists is our engineering-grade expertise and relevant experience. And our approach. Research, planning, architecture – they’re as important to us as implementation. And it starts by working together. Applying a bit of critical thinking. A more…considered tack. With ten heads and a whiteboard, there’s no problem too big, or too scary.

Who we do it for.

Our clients range from SMEs and other agencies (the ones who need a little…specialist help) all the way up to corporate enterprise and some of the biggest online publishers in Australia. We’re on the road a lot, visiting partners in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and everywhere else. No matter where we go, one thing that doesn’t change is longevity. Our clients have a habit of sticking around. We like to think we become part of their team (the part with the fewest overheads). It’s all about building relationships, as well as websites.

Effectively an extension of our team. A true partner.

Steve Planincic, Head of Technology at iSelect