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Hi, We're The Code Company

We’re not a typical full service agency. We don’t design logos or help you manage your Twitter feed. If we look fashionable in glasses, that is purely a coincidence.

We’re a team of WordPress engineers who solve complex problems at scale. We do this without fuss or razzle dazzle, and we do it for some of the biggest online businesses in Australia and around the world. Our clients aren’t looking for high fives and attitude. They just want things that work.


Building Mumbrella Pro

Mumbrella wanted to reimagine their digital subscription offering, previously known in part, as The Source.

Their goal was for the new product to go further than its predecessor, leveraging Mumbrella’s unique position in the market as the largest publisher in the Media, Marketing and Agency ecosystem in Australia.

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The most important security considerations when developing WordPress APIs

The most important security considerations when developing WordPress APIs

Your website's security, along with its associated software and applications, is paramount. You're not only securing the private information of your members or clients. You're also mitigating the impact any breaches...
Graphic saying "Getting the balance right: Making the most of WordPress' block editing experience"

Getting the balance right: Making the most of WordPress’ block editing experience

WordPress released the Gutenberg block editor in late 2018 and since that time we've learned a lot about what does—or doesn't—work when it comes to building custom blocks. At The...
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Ten events publishers can easily start tracking in Google Tag Manager

Event tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a very powerful tool that can be used to track interactions between users and specific elements/features on your website. These analytics, as...