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We make digital publishers extraordinary using WordPress

We’re not your typical full service agency. We don’t design logos or manage your Twitter feed. If we look fashionable in glasses that is purely a coincidence.

We’re specialist WordPress engineers that solve complex publishing problems at scale.

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We’re seeing people visit more pages than ever before and new leads are continuing to come in.

The Code Company created a friction-less digital experience that helped bring the global brand of eBay Ads to life, with SEO in mind.

Brandy Yarema, eBay Ads
Brandy Yarema, eBay Ads
Head of Marketing, Communications and Events

New Site Builds

We’re specialist Enterprise WordPress engineers with vast experience in creating solid, scalable tech stacks for media companies and content-led brands.

Re-platforming & Migrations

We’re industry leaders in large-scale, complex data migrations. Clean up your content and keep your data safe with our seamless migration process.

Product Strategy & Ad Tech

We don’t just build websites, our team are WordPress strategists that cut through tech complexity to prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Custom Functionality & Scaling

We’ll bring your publishing ideas to life with custom-built WordPress tools that create editorial efficiencies, boost performance and accelerate engagement.


publishing specialists

From Nine to eBay Ads and, media businesses across the globe choose The Code Company to create high-performance publishing sites that accelerate engagement and drive revenue.

Freightwaves Background

FreightWaves saw Google’s performance scores improve drastically on completion of the rebuild, leading to a growth in pageviews by 35% and new users by 26%

  • Performance scores increased 266%
  • First Contentful Paint improved 87%
  • Time To Interactive improved 83%
  • Speed Index improved 81%

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