We’re a technical company, not a full service agency.

Instead of doing all things ‘okay,’ we’ve chosen to do a few things really well. We are not everything for everyone. We are technical expertise and execution for online publishers, marketing teams, and SMEs.

Our clients rely on us to fill a specific piece of the software puzzle.

  • WordPress
  • Website Design & Development
  • Application Development
  • Consulting
  • Maintenance

Get good advice.

Since we specialise in WordPress enterprise solutions, we take the time to look at things critically. Sometimes we’ll challenge your assumptions with your long-term success in mind.

We also look at your business from the perspective of fellow entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to run a business, which means we won’t simply take orders that won’t contribute to your ROI.

  • IT team consulting
  • Planning and discovery
  • Existing system audits
  • Checking your current site capabilities
  • Document systems architecture
  • Hosting and server consultancy

Get the job done, well.

Our work is dependable, fast and effective. We handle mission critical tasks, and deliver quality work, on time.

Our clients appreciate our world-class craft and engineering expertise, but they appreciate results more.

  • Custom website design and development
  • Bespoke WordPress development (ie. themes, plugins)
  • Building large-scale web applications
  • Systems integration (ie. APIs)
  • Website migrations and conversions
  • Website scaling and launches
  • WordPress
  • Website Design & Development
  • Application Development
  • Maintenance

Gain valuable business partners.

As the Internet changes constantly, so do best practices and website upkeep. We take a partnership approach to ensure you have the best online presence possible.

We don’t just build something and hand it over. Think of us as an ongoing part of your team (the part with the lowest overheads).

  • Automated continuous deployments (staging and production)
  • Automated testing and code
  • Systems monitoring
  • Routine WordPress maintenance and updates
  • Security monitoring and patching
  • Ongoing development, scaling and performance monitoring

Keep your websites running smoothly.

What our clients say

  • There are few people who understand how to make WordPress work at scale better than The Code Company.

    - Zac Zavos, Founder & CEO of Conversant Media