We’re a technical WordPress agency that specialises in digital publishing

As a digital publisher, your website is your greatest asset – and your gateway to sustainable growth.

You need technology that’s unswervingly stable, even when your content goes viral. With the flexibility to expand and evolve as your business transforms.

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a digital publisher is choosing which agency to partner with for development

The Code Company lives and breathes digital publishing — every day, on every project.  

Our expertise goes way beyond the technology and tools. We provide an end-to-end strategic roadmap for sustainable growth, ask the questions you hadn’t thought to ask, and offer a sophisticated solution to the publishing challenges you never knew existed.

Our Services:

Website development

Build your high-performance WordPress publishing platform.

Large-scale digital transformation. Made easy.

Bring your big ideas to life and scale for high traffic. No stress.

Ad tech, eCommerce, memberships and more.

There are few people who understand how to make WordPress work at scale better than The Code Company.

Zac Zavos

Zac Zavos, Founder – Conversant Media

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