Data Migrations and Replatforming to WordPress

You know it’s time for a change, whether your existing website was built in a proprietary system or on another platform. Perhaps your newsroom struggles to work efficiently due to a poor editorial experience. Maybe your website’s front-end is slow, causing your readers’ experience to suffer. Or it could be that your site simply needs to be modernized to support your current or future-state business model.

Whatever the reason, you’re ready to migrate your digital publishing website to WordPress.

As a digital publisher, your website is sprawling and complex with a host of functions and dependencies. Successfully migrating your site from one platform to another is no small feat. And it’s critical that the migration itself goes off without a hitch. Partner with the wrong agency and you risk prolonged site outages, lost data or content, and scrambled content classification systems.

The Code Company has the experience and expertise to seamlessly and accurately migrate your digital publishing website to WordPress. As part of this process, we:

  • Construct a new WordPress instance and build the custom functionality required to facilitate your editorial workflows and maintain existing site features.
  • Map out your website’s data models, categories, and taxonomies to prepare for a comprehensive data migration.
  • Work with internal stakeholders and legacy partners to manage any necessary exports as well as the migration of data to your new website.
  • Create a live website migration plan that minimizes site interruptions.


Read how we migrated Australia's leading men's lifestyle publication to WordPress

“The Code Company worked as a true partner with iSelect - effectively as an extension of our team - to analyse the current state, recommend a technical solution and scalable/secure architecture, and manage the transition of our sites and upskill our teams in the use of WordPress. ”

- Steve Planincic, Head of Technology, iSelect

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