Custom Digital Publishing Functionality

Are you ready to enhance your digital publishing business with a subscription service, membership plan, directory, job board, e-commerce marketplace, or other offering? If so, the ability to expand your business depends on your website’s ability to deliver the right technical scaffolding.

When you have something unique in mind, off-the-shelf plugins will only get you so far. You need bespoke solutions to fully realize your individual vision.

The Code Company partners with clients to build best-in-breed custom functionalities tailored to deliver the right capabilities and experience. We bring our deep knowledge of digital publishing to bear on your strategic business objectives to ensure that you invest in the most optimal solutions. Next, we build your custom functionality within WordPress — not an external tech stack that must be tied into your website using duct tape and rubber bands.

If you want to expand your website’s functionality, The Code Company can guide you in:

  • Defining the scope of your business goals and identifying the right technical solutions to meet your needs
  • Building your bespoke solution within WordPress
  • Smoothly launching your website’s custom functionality


WordCamp Sydney 2018: Five years of building bespoke functionality in WordPress

At WordCamp Sydney 2018, one of our WordPress Engineers spoke about how The Code Company approaches our custom functionality development within WordPress.

“There are few people who understand how to make WordPress work at scale better than The Code Company.”

- Zac Zavos, Founder & CEO of Conversant Media

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