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From front-end performance and fast loading websites, to technical backend engineering to optimise your publishing platform. We share our insights on how to view performance and scalability as a pragmatic return on investment focused business.

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Boost web performance

Fast & Easy: 7 ways publishers can boost website performance

Is your website speed is impacting revenue? Discover the metrics of performance and practical ways to accelerate your publishing platform and business.

How to Scale Yoast Sitemaps for Large Sites

The Yoast SEO plugin is a great tool for quickly and easily managing many aspects of search engine optimisation on a WordPress site.

However, when using Yoast on large scale publishing sites you will run into some performance bottlenecks. So we’ve developed some workarounds.

Common Performance Challenges for Online Publishers & Digital Media Solved

How digital publishers and media owners can measure and optimise website performance.

Automated Standards Monitoring in a Continuous Integration and Deployment Process

Automated Standards Monitoring in a CI/CD Process

At The Code Company, we strive to maintain our industry-leading requirements of code quality in all work that we produce.

The key to having a robust quality assurance (QA) program is in not relying on a single process or check to ensure quality. There needs to be a range of proactive and reactive checks and balances to confirm that standards are being met at every point along the projects.

text: Ten website events publishers can start tracking in tag manager

Ten events publishers can easily start tracking in Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to track events on your website. Here are some ideas for publishers on what events you can track and what it means.

Three ways digital publishers can measure the success of personalising content

Digital publishers are investing in personalisation on their platforms. Here are some ways to make it easier to measure the success of these projects.

Performance and richer editorial experiences key take away at WP Engine Summit

Website performance and richer editorial experiences were our key take aways from WP Engine’s Australian Summit that took place in Sydney August 2019.

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Why we don’t recommend WooCommerce for large ecommerce projects

The Code Company has been working with WordPress at scale for almost a decade. During that time, we’ve been asked to work on or build high-scale ecommerce sites. It is our view, that while WooCommerce is a suitable platform for certain types of ecommerce stores, we have found that it is not suitable for high…

Using WordPress, SQS, Lambda and Mailgun to send over 100,000 personalised transactional emails

As part of a custom jobs board project that was built on top of WordPress, we had to build a system that was able to send over 100,000 personalised emails over a very short period of time all within the WordPress ecosystem. This presents some scaling and infrastructure challenges that we wanted to share. The…

Upgrading enterprise WordPress websites to version 5.0

Software upgrades are always easy to put off, because they are hard. This is certainly the case with WordPress 5.0 which was released on December 6 2018. In my mind, nothing since WordPress 4.2, that introduced a new database character-set, back in 2015, has there been such a signifiant update to WordPress. The WordPress 5.0…

Database migrations & deployments with WordPress

One of the most common reasons new developers and perhaps existing WordPress developers resent WordPress sometimes is because of how it stores so much application configuration in the database, and most commonly, stored in different structures and in different locations. More traditional web applications would be coded up and the database is essentially stateless. By…

When is WordPress NOT the answer?

As of late, we’ve had a couple of large web application projects where the deliverables did not include any CMS functionality. That is, they were purely a functionality based web application. I’ve been reflecting on both of these projects, and how we approached each one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, did we make the…

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Scaling WordPress and High-Traffic Performance

You can rely on us to navigate the challenges of scaling large content websites unique to digital publishers.

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Custom Digital Publishing Functionality

Every business has unique aspects to their workflows and products. We can customise WordPress to suit.