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Ad Manager Integrations buy a plugin or build

Ad Tech : Should You Build a Custom Integration or Use an Ad Manager Plugin?

Google Ad Manager is one of the most popular platforms to help serve ads to your WordPress publishing platfom. Question is, will an existing WordPress plugin be enough to integrate Google ads into your particular site, or should you build a custom integration?

Thinking of building a proprietary CMS?
Read this first.

What are the risks and benefits of building a proprietary CMS and how can publishers use open source to solve complex publishing challenges?

Content migration to Gutenberg

Data migrations into Gutenberg Blocks WordPress Editor

How do you consolidate two publishing websites that have totally different styles, layouts and architecture? Read this step-by-step guide to migrating content into Gutenberg Blocks.

GitHub Actions and WP VIP

GitHub Actions: Automation hacks for deploying to WordPress VIP

A step-by-step guide to connecting GitHub Actions to WordPress VIP. No third-party tools required.


Agile project management: A real world guide for digital publishers

Demystify Agile working and discover the best way to make your next publishing tech project a success.

Tech game changers for digital publishers

It’s Not Just You: Why your publishing technology stack is holding you back

The art of succeeding as a modern media operator is knowing which technology to invest in. Just because your original, custom website made you the accomplished publisher you are today, doesn’t mean it will carry you into the future.

How can publishers use Google Discover

How to leverage Google Discover to grow traffic

Learn practical tips to drive traffic and increase authority with this powerful mobile marketing tool.

A developer’s guide to iterative web builds

As a developer, how can you harness the best of Agile in a way that’s practical for the real world of publishing? This article reveals what it’s really like to work alongside a design agency and shares practical tips and useful iterative development tools.

Self-managed or platform servers for publishers

Do you really need to build your own WordPress hosting infrastructure? A guide for growing publishers.

This article will explain the key differences between self-managed and platform setups. So that you’re able to identify the best hosting solution for your publishing infrastructure needs.

Server-side tagging for publishers

Server-side tagging
in Google Tag Manager:
What it means for publishers

Server-side tagging is here. How will it affect your digital publishing business?

Publishing website design

Designing a Publishing Site? Here’s what you need to know.

The 6 design factors that lead to powerful business results

How to drive ad sales with first party data

How to increase publishing revenue through better audience data

First-party data is increasingly valuable to digital publishers. Leverage your relationship with your audience to boost ad sales and attract new clients.

Web Stories Screenshot

Why WordPress storytelling just got better

The arrival of editorial ‘stories’ could well signal a major transformation in the future world of publishing.

cutting through publishing complexity

3 common mistakes publishers make when choosing a technology partner

Imagine this. Your publishing business is booming. Traffic is flowing, audiences are engaged and revenue is rolling in. And then your website crashes.

Test driving online publishing platform Newspack

Two of The Code Company’s front-end developers have now worked with Newspack. We’ve asked them about their experience in working with the ‘online newsroom’ developed by Automattic, Google News Initiative and news industry leaders.

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New Digital Publishing Website Builds

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Migrating and Replatforming

Take advantage of our experience making large and complex migrations to WordPress as smooth as possible.

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