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WordPress is a great publishing platform for digital publishers, but we’ve seen first hand some of the challenges of using it for large enterprise media sites. We share our WordPress tips and insights for developers working with WordPress for large scale sites.

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How to send a 15 min newsletter

How to Turbocharge your newsletter process using WordPress

Spending too much time, drafting, cutting, pasting and testing? Discover the secret to the 15-Minute Newsletter.

How to integrate Ad Manager and WP

Build functional, flexible Google Ad Manager integrations in WordPress

Google Ad Manager helps you streamline ad inventory and maximise revenue-generation. Discover why building GAM integrations in WordPress is your next step to publishing success.

Ben May at Word Camp 2019

The secrets of successful publishing architecture

Why do publishing websites get so complicated? Learn how to simplify, create efficiencies and increase performance

Graphic showing a Continuous data migration to WordPress

Why smart online publishers choose continuous data migrations when replatforming

Live or continuous data migration when replatforming online publishing sites offers a range of benefits, including improved efficiency and decreased risk. It also offers digital publishers a smoother and less-stressful migration experience.

Automated Standards Monitoring in a Continuous Integration and Deployment Process

Automated Standards Monitoring in a CI/CD Process

At The Code Company, we strive to maintain our industry-leading requirements of code quality in all work that we produce.

The key to having a robust quality assurance (QA) program is in not relying on a single process or check to ensure quality. There needs to be a range of proactive and reactive checks and balances to confirm that standards are being met at every point along the projects.

The most important security considerations when developing WordPress APIs

The most important security considerations when developing WordPress APIs

Your website’s security, along with its associated software and applications, is paramount. You’re not only securing the private information of your members or clients. You’re also mitigating the impact any breaches might have on the trust and confidence others have in your organisation. This, of course, can impact your company’s profit or viability. When building APIs…

Graphic saying "Getting the balance right: Making the most of WordPress' block editing experience"

Getting the balance right: Making the most of WordPress’ block editing experience

Since its release, we’ve spent some time working out when and how to leverage Gutenberg block editor in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Why we don’t recommend WooCommerce for large ecommerce projects

The Code Company has been working with WordPress at scale for almost a decade. During that time, we’ve been asked to work on or build high-scale ecommerce sites. It is our view, that while WooCommerce is a suitable platform for certain types of ecommerce stores, we have found that it is not suitable for high…

Using WordPress, SQS, Lambda and Mailgun to send over 100,000 personalised transactional emails

As part of a custom jobs board project that was built on top of WordPress, we had to build a system that was able to send over 100,000 personalised emails over a very short period of time all within the WordPress ecosystem. This presents some scaling and infrastructure challenges that we wanted to share. The…

Upgrading enterprise WordPress websites to version 5.0

Software upgrades are always easy to put off, because they are hard. This is certainly the case with WordPress 5.0 which was released on December 6 2018. In my mind, nothing since WordPress 4.2, that introduced a new database character-set, back in 2015, has there been such a signifiant update to WordPress. The WordPress 5.0…

WordCamp Sydney: 5 Years of Application Development in WordPress

At WordCamp Sydney 2018, Scott Commins who is one of our Senior WordPress Engineers presented about his experience over the last five years, working at The Code Company as a developer, who works a lot on our custom functionality projects for WordPress sites. You can view the talk below: Transcript Scott Commins: All of our…

Building & Deploying WordPress to WP Engine with Bitbucket Pipelines

Since the introduction of Pipelines to Bitbucket, we have been eager to use this functionality where possible, with the goal of making a third-party deployment tools such as DeployBot, redundant. This post outlines how The Code Company are now using Bitbucket Pipelines to automate our Build and Deploy releases through to WP Engine’s platform. We…

WordPress Anniversary: A Look at the Last 15 Years

WordPress powers some of the most well-known websites in 2018, including TechCrunch, The Walt Disney Company, and The New York Times. More than 30% of all websites are run using the WordPress platform, and it continues to evolve and mature. When it launched 15 years ago in 2003, it was a simple open-source platform that…

Moving your WordPress website from single-server to multi-server? Here are 4 common mistakes to watch out for

Moving your WordPress website from a single-server to multi-server setup comes with many benefits, including greater speed, security, and reliability for your business and customers. But the transition itself may bring its own set of complex issues. READ MORE: Do you really need to build your own hosting infrastructure? Managed vs. hosted platforms. Operating a…

WP Engine an option for Enterprise WordPress sites in Australia

For the last 8 years The Code Company have been involved with a lot of high traffic and high profile WordPress sites. We’ve worked through the unique challenges of scaling a large WordPress site, but on top of that, the additional constraints placed on an exclusively Australian site for exclusively Australian visitors. During this time,…

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