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The Importance of Ongoing Enterprise WordPress Support

Enterprise software requires consistent upkeep and monitoring to ensure optimal performance and security. This is no different for websites powered by WordPress, where ongoing support agreements play a crucial role. These agreements ensure that professional support is readily available to handle unexpected issues, updates, and enhancements. This ongoing support helps in maintaining the site’s integrity, boosting its performance, and enhancing user experience.

Ongoing support with The Code Company

By choosing The Code Company as a long-term partner, you’re choosing a team that aligns with your business and technology needs. This partnership ensures informed technical decisions, efficient development, and a sustained focus on achieving your product’s roadmap through our expertise.

Dedicated scheduled development resources

Unlike many agencies, TCC prioritises scheduled, ongoing partnerships, starting at a steady pace of one day per week. We find that while flexible hour-based retainers may seem attractive, they often lead to scheduling difficulties and availability issues for the necessary resources. 

Concerns about not having enough tasks are mitigated by our proactive approach in identifying optimisation opportunities to keep your technology ahead of the curve. 

This addresses a common frustration among clients coming from agencies offering ad-hoc hour retainers, who experienced challenges in getting timely support or securing scheduled time with their previous providers.

Our plans

From being your technical lifeline, to advanced engineering, our ongoing enterprise WordPress support plans are structured to suit a range of different business requirements.


Choose this option if you will handle all of your technical strategy and just need development resources.


Choose this option if you want to leverage The Code Company’s publishing expertise and optimise growth.


Custom partnerships for enterprise-level clients who need bespoke engagements.

The inevitability of bugs

No software is immune to bugs, and WordPress is no exception, regardless of how well it is coded. Over time, as new features are added and updates are applied, the likelihood of encountering bugs increases. Ongoing support arrangements are crucial as they provide ongoing checks and balances through which bugs can be identified and fixed promptly. This proactive bug management helps in maintaining a smooth, error-free user experience and enhances the reliability of your website.

“I really love how The Code Company helps us achieve what we want rather than trying to force us into the next gadgets. They suggest ways to help make us more money, make the site faster or make our editorial flow quicker”.

Fiona MacDonald

CEO, Science Alert

The importance of updating 3rd-party plugins

Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress sites, but they also pose risks if not properly managed. There are numerous instances where outdated plugins have led to security breaches, site performance issues, or compatibility problems. For example, outdated plugins were the primary vector in several well-documented security incidents affecting millions of websites. Regular updates of plugins can significantly mitigate these risks, ensuring enhanced security, improved functionality, and better compatibility with the core WordPress updates.

Why updating WordPress itself is crucial

Keeping core WordPress up to date is vital for several reasons. Each update not only brings new features that enhance the capabilities of your website but also includes performance improvements that can make your site faster and more efficient. Importantly, updates often contain security patches that protect your site from being vulnerable to the latest threats. The risks of running outdated versions include exposure to security breaches and reduced website functionality, which can harm your business’s reputation and SEO rankings.

Duties commonly handled by managed hosting solutions

We commonly are a contact point with your managed hosting solution. Managed WordPress hosting solutions typically cover critical maintenance tasks including:

– Staging and Production Testing: Before any new update goes live, it’s tested in a staging environment to ensure compatibility and smooth functioning, thus safeguarding the user experience.

– PHP and MySQL Upgrade Preparation and Testing: Regular updates to PHP and MySQL are tested for compatibility to ensure seamless functioning of your WordPress site.

– Security Monitoring and Mitigation: Proactive security checks and immediate responses to potential threats keep your site secure.

– Regular Backups: Frequent backups are performed to ensure that a recent copy of your site is always available for restoration in case of data loss or corruption.

“We’d be spending hours every month (maintaining) SBS Learn, the Corporate and Media sites, and those costs add up fairly quickly. TCC now handle the support and maintenance which means those extra hours our team has to work on the other sites. And so that’s a massive benefit.”

Kunaal Ramchandani

Head of Enterprise Digital Services, SBS

In conclusion, investing in ongoing WordPress support with The Code Company isn’t just about maintaining your site—it’s about enhancing and securing your digital presence. By choosing a dedicated partner who understands your business and technological needs, you can focus on growth while we handle the complexities of website management.

Ben George

Ben is the Technical Account Manager at The Code Company. He works with our Client Services team to provide technical expertise and identify opportunities through new and existing partnerships.