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Australian PHP Developer Conference 2015

Last week Zac, Scott and Ben attended the inaugural Australian PHP Developer Conference in Sydney.  The conference was held over 2 days Wed 12th – Thursday 13th March and as the name would lead you to believe, was heavily focused around PHP development.

PHP is the language which we use to develop all of our websites and web applications.  This includes WordPress, our main area of expertise.  The conference was not targeted to any particular content management system or framework (such as WordPress).  It included talks on various subjects, including the best practices and the future direction of PHP and other open source technologies that we encounter on a daily basis.

The line up included many big names in the PHP & Open Source arena including;

  1. Rasmus Lerdorf – Founder of PHP and the project lead developer
  2. Michael Widenius – Founder of MySQL and now MariaDB
  3. Jordi Boggiano – Founder of an increasingly important tool – Composer
  4. Pierre Joyce – The core developer for PHP

The conference organisers did a fantastic job in securing so many local and international speakers, especially those above who are of considerable interest.

Among learning about best practices and what other developers, agencies and frameworks are doing in the space, we also had a unique opportunity to hear from the founders of these tools, what the future held.

Due to PHP’s considerable popularity on the web, it is constantly re-inventing itself and every version is more optimised than the last. The next major release of PHP (Version 7) has some significant performance enhancements (in the range of double the speed) which has us very excited for the future.

It’s also a good opportunity to focus for a couple of days on best practices and take home thoughts on improving our own development workflow.

It was a great couple of days in Sydney, we learnt a lot, and most importantly, are looking forward to putting our newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Ben May

Ben is Managing Director of The Code Company. He is passionate about working with publishers on clever and innovative ways to solve complex problems. He works with The Code Company team on all projects, bringing his perspective and problem solving skills to deliver great outcomes.

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