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LoopConf 2017 recap

LoopConf is the leading conference for professional WordPress developers, with a focus on advanced topics for the technically minded. As tech lead for The Code Company, I was sent to represent our company at this event.

Staying up to date with the latest WordPress technologies and best industry practice is a crucial part of our business here at TCC. This helps us ensure that we are delivering the best possible service to our clients and are in-line with the current industry standards.

LoopConf spanned three days running from Feb 6-8 2017 in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Funnily enough, the first time this event was booked (back in October 2016), Scott, Alec and I almost got to experience some interesting Florida weather.

In extremely bad timing, Hurricane Matthew beared down on the East Coast, and it was lucky that we were able to get back out of Florida before the storm hit and the conference was cancelled.

This year when the conference was re-run, unfortunately not all of us were able to attend due to project commitments. However, it was with much excitement that I was able to get away and leave a Queensland heatwave for 4 degree average temperatures in Utah. The speaker line up alone consisting of many prominent figures in the WordPress Community had me eager to take part.

The first event on the schedule was the hands-on workshop for the WordPress REST API. The REST API is the latest technology in the WordPress space and it has the potential to revolutionise the way the sites are constructed (“headless CMS”) providing faster more responsive browsing experience. The workshop was very informative about the REST API, its potential applications and the future road map for its continuing development.

The presentations at the conference were very informative, covering topics such as; optimising WordPress performance, best practices, the REST API and many more technical topics. There was also a great talk on the next generation of WordPress presented by Ryan McCue, the lead developer of the REST API project and lead on the next major WordPress release (version 4.8).

The biggest takeaway for us at The Code Co from this conference is the current state of the REST API, its possible applications and its place in the future of WordPress. It reinforced my thoughts about the REST API and its place, while highlighting the issues we are yet to overcome before this can be a reality.

LoopConf was a great experience and very informative. It was a pleasure interacting with the WordPress community, as it always is and I look forward to more LoopConf events in the future.

Zac Scott

Zac is the DevOps and Technical Manager at The Code Company. He works with our engineering team heavily to ensure coding standards and best practices are followed. Zac has a history of complex functionality and data heavy projects.

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