WordPress Development

WordPress is a great publishing platform for digital publishers, but we’ve seen first hand some of the challenges of using it for large enterprise media sites. We share our WordPress tips and insights for developers working with WordPress for large scale sites.

Database migrations & deployments with WordPress

One of the most common reasons new developers and perhaps existing WordPress developers resent WordPress sometimes is because of how it stores so much application configuration in the database, and most commonly, stored in different structures and in different locations. More traditional web applications would be coded up and the database is essentially stateless. By…

Why we use VaultPress for WordPress backups

We’ve talked before about why you should be backing up your site, and suggested a couple of different approaches you might adopt to safeguard your website and everything you’ve painstakingly uploaded onto it.

However, if you run a WordPress powered site, one of the best solutions, and one we highly recommend is VaultPress.

When is WordPress NOT the answer?

As of late, we’ve had a couple of large web application projects where the deliverables did not include any CMS functionality. That is, they were purely a functionality based web application. I’ve been reflecting on both of these projects, and how we approached each one for a couple of reasons. Firstly, did we make the…

When do you move WordPress to a multiple server setup?

When it comes to scaling your WordPress hosting infrastructure, the topic always comes up pretty quickly that you need to move from a single server through to multiple servers. It’s often considered the hardest jump to make, and once you’re running two servers, the jump to three, four or five hundred servers is trivial. So…

New and improved AWS architecture for WordPress deployments

I wrote a while back about my first Amazon (AWS) deployment for WordPress, which featured Geo-optimised, and multi-zone availability. Since that deployment, I’ve experimented and continued to roll out WordPress architecture that is stable, redundant and optimised for a global audience. I’ve also been inspired by my good friend Shaun who’s an AWS engineer and…

Creating a new WordPress site via the command line

At The Code Company, we work with a couple of different groups of clients. One of those groups are the smaller business sites, smaller, simpler WordPress sites that we don’t put on version control, and usually turn around quite quickly. Automation is also a big passion of mine, I hate doing the same thing over…

Switching between two WordPress themes for mobile sites and Batcache

Fellow WordPress developer James Collins blogged about the wp_is_mobile() function which is a handy core function you can use for mobile detection (betcha you’d never have guessed that!). I actually don’t think I’ve ever used it, but I have used a home grown function that was done with Mark Jaquith on a project. I thought…

Lockdown WordPress users to one login session

Earlier in the year, I was working on a WordPress powered member site, that gave the users access to restricted content for members only. Pretty simple concept. The client however, wanted to sell multiple users for the same company, but a flaw with how WordPress does the user authentication, is that a single user could…

Caching content and bringing it closer to home

I wrote a little while ago about my first Amazon setup for hosting a WordPress install, and one of the objectives was to have it hosted out of the USA, but use Amazon’s Route53 service to geo-route the DNS to an Australian proxy server. Until now, the nginx server based in Sydney has only being…

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