We’re Agile for the real world of publishing

If you’ve worked with a technical partner before then you’ve probably encountered Agile project management. Agile is how we work at The Code Company.

And it’s the fastest way to solve complex technical challenges at scale.


A development process that works. Every time.

If you want a crash course in Agile then you’ll find it on approximately 34,000 other pages.  Or you can watch this 3-minute video

We’re here to tell you why we follow Agile methodology. And why it’s the only effective way to build bespoke software.

if you want technology that works, build it in bite-sized chunks then review and test as you go.

This ensures you can move with the market and you aren’t left with a product that’s outdated before it’s even launched”

preparing for change

The problem with traditional project management approaches

Building publishing technology is a voyage of discovery. And rarely is the final destination exactly as you imagined at the start. This occurs for endless reasons: your business strategy changes, a new competitor enters the market, your boss leaves. 

S***t happens. In almost every project. It’s just the way the real world works.

That’s why old-school, fixed quotes are usually inaccurate. And why most waterfall projects fail.

Reason to migrate

What to expect when you work with The Code Company

A consistent process = consistent outcomes

We apply Agile principles for a world where clients need their projects to finish (and finish on time), where costs are realistically managed and where nobody gets distracted by flashing lights and useless gadgets.

Here’s the process we’ve perfected over the last decade:

  1. It all starts with The Brief. Here we learn about your business and technical challenges — and where you share your project vision. Discussing your budget with us at this phase is always helpful too.
  2. We respond with a Dynamic Proposal, which demonstrates our understanding of your situation and a recommended approach. We recognise that software development is a fluid process, so we always leave room in your quote for potential additions and scope changes..
  3. Then comes the Discovery Phase where we look under the hood to unearth any unexpected roadblocks, and ensure we have a complete understanding of your needs. This phase is crucial to to minimising project risk, and is the only effective way to provide an accurate Cost Estimate.
  4. Your project is tackled in Epics, with bite-sized Sprints and regular Showcases. This means momentum is never lost, we refine as we go and can respond instantly to shifting market conditions or customer demands.
  5. When the technology has been tested and everyone is happy, it’s time to set your website LIVE! We’ll train your internal team so that they’re self-sufficient — no more relying on developers to perform day-to-day tasks.
  6. Your project either ends here or we can stick around to Support You for the long haul and keep you publishing at peak performance.

How your publishing business benefits from this approach:

  • Business-critical issues are prioritised.  Working together, we identify your most important business needs and ensure they’re always delivered first. 
  • No nasty surprises or hidden secrets.  Our method keeps everyone honest. Daily stand-ups and sprint reviews ensure 100% transparency, budget efficiency and minimal risk.
  • You retain control. There’s no set and forget. This is your project and you stay front and center, every step of the way to approve developments as they happen. 
  • Continuous improvement. A fluid, flexibile process mwans we can adapt and respond as your needs evolve.
  • Your project never stops. A development team in multiple timezones means our work follows the clock. The Code Company were virtual long before the rest and have remote working down to an art.
Agile working - The Code Company

Our expectations for you

You don’t need a degree in Agile to work with us. 

But you do need to show up, dive in and stay committed.

It’s intense. It’s exhilarating. And it’s hands-down the best way to create a remarkable publishing product.

Sound fair? Then let’s talk.