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Having the fastest website possible should permanently feature on your priority list. It’s on yours, right?

Second to ad tech, the biggest culprit causing poor performance are the many javascript trackers and analytics tags you’ll find on most publishing sites. And one of the greatest misconceptions is that moving this code from your website to Google Tag Manager (GTM) will somehow fix the problem.

It won’t ‚Äď you are simply moving that problem to GTM.

This is why I’m bullish about the next generation of Google Tag Manager, which is server-side rather than client-side. Put simply, all of the requests to the many different pixel providers and analytics suites is now done by the server, not your user. This makes for a faster and more private experience.

I’ll be honest, it’s not something you’ll be able to do simply. It’s significant lift. But it’ll get better and easier to deploy as most technology does.

We recently explored this topic in detail with specialist digital analytics expert Jacob Moran. You can read the full article below.

ūüĎČ Server-side tagging in Google Tag Manager: What it means for publishers

Other News

How the NYT turned things around with strong investment in content and technology 

The (Not Failing) New York Times¬†has been shared a few times in the last week. If you haven’t had a chance to dig into it, it’s a great walk-through on how the NYT has cleaned up its financials, made significant investment in content and technology, and launched new revenue streams to turn the business around into profitability.¬†

Using email to reactivate your content archives

While publishing new content is important, most sites are full of great content that deserves to be seen again. There are probably infinite email series you could create with existing content right now. This fascinating panel discussion demonstrates how Buzzfeed, Pew and The Washington Post use email and storytelling techniques to revisit content for niche audiences. 

Bonus: Great email subject lines: 9,673 tests later.

How to decline a meeting 

It’s even easier now to be added to non-stop Zoom calls all day.¬†This article¬†is a nice, timely reminder of some useful approaches for reclaiming your day by (politely!) declining unnecessary meetings.¬†

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