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Why we use VaultPress for WordPress backups

We’ve talked before about why you should be backing up your site, and suggested a couple of different approaches you might adopt to safeguard your website and everything you’ve painstakingly uploaded onto it.

However, if you run a WordPress powered site, one of the best solutions, and one we highly recommend is VaultPress.

VaultPress is a backup platform built by Automattic, the commercial arm of WordPress and it’s our pick for a number of reasons.

1. Trusted third party

Rather than just relying on your own systems or those of your website host, it’s good to have a third party as an additional ‘backup’. And – with Automattic you know you’re in safe hands.

2. Easy installation

VaultPress is a WordPress plugin, so like other plugins (add-ons), installing it is a straight forward process and setting it up is something you can do from your site’s dashboard with just a few clicks.

3. Daily Scans

There’s no need for you to monitor your site yourself as VaultPress scans your site daily for any dangerous or suspicious files.

4. Incremental backups

Through its constant monitoring, VaultPress only updates changes you’ve made to your site rather full backups each and every time, so it doesn’t slow your site down or put it at risk.

5. Restoring your site is a breeze

If something does go wrong, restoring your site will not cause you any grief. It’s a simple process and one which will give you peace of mind – or at least one less thing to worry about!

Of course such infallibility does come at a cost, but it’s a small one unless you have multiple sites. VaultPress has a range of packages starting at $5/month, so check it out if you’re looking to safeguard one of your key business assets.

Ben May

Ben is Managing Director of The Code Company. He is passionate about working with publishers on clever and innovative ways to solve complex problems. He works with The Code Company team on all projects, bringing his perspective and problem solving skills to deliver great outcomes.

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