A single CMS to unify eBay Ad's global business

eBay Ads is the central hub for advertising on the eBay global marketplace.

The business had no centralised platform for users’ advertising needs, and some regions were operating from individual landing pages.

eBay Ads wanted to reduce silos, streamline UX and raise the profile of key insights and client success stories.

In order to grow and achieve their CX goals, the eBay Ads website needed to be managed from a single CMS, with workflows customised to specific business requirements.

Campaign planning

With data from more than 182 million user journeys at their disposal, eBay Ads’ campaign possibilities were endless.

The Code Company developed a custom ‘Audience Finder’ plugin to cut through the complexity and help users plan their perfect campaign.

ebay Ads audience finder

“The Audience Finder feature is a fun and engaging interactive tool that users love. It’s super easy for them to uncover what they need and they’re spending more time on the site because there’s more to discover.”

Brandy Yarema ,  Head of Marketing, Communications & Events eBay Ads

Custom WordPress blocks & templates

Empowering eBay Ads’ internal team

The Code Company developed a series of custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks and pre-configured templates (also known as pattern libraries) that made it easy for the eBay Ads in-house team to create and edit content.

This new, flexible system unlocked far more autonomy for the team and has significantly reduced reliance on developers.

  • Each block pattern has preloaded default content to provide editors with a realistic impression of how it will look and feel with the data.
  • The WYSIWG editor enables the team to preview content
  • It’s now far easier for the eBay Ads team to express their ideas and mission with a simpler editing workflow.
eBay Ads success stories screenshot

“The Code Company created a friction-less digital experience that helped bring the global brand of eBay Ads to life, with SEO in mind.

We’re seeing people visit more pages than ever before and new leads are continuing to come in”

Brandy Yarema ,  Head of Marketing, Communications & Events eBay Ads

Content personalisation for a global network

eBay Ads has a global network of clients, and offices in Australia, the US, UK and Germany.

To ensure that visitors receive appropriate content, we used WordPress taxonomy filters to engineer a personalisation solution.

This means that visitors to eBay Ads site automatically see the most relevant case studies, insights and blog articles.

“We had a strong team who truly understood what we were trying to do. There was a lot of cross functional work between our design agency and The Code Company but it was always painless from our side.”

Brandy Yarema,  Head of Marketing, Communications & Events eBay Ads

Security & speed

Enterprise performance
powered by WP Engine

WP Engine provides enterprise performance and the security that a global brand like eBay Ads demands.

By deploying the new eBay Ads website on WP Engine, security was immediately boosted, and many of their historical performance issues were eliminated.

The WP Engine GeoTarget system was implemented to power content customisation.

Page content is cached as separate objects for each of eBay Ads’s regions, allowing for personalisation while maintaining cacheability and scalability.

eBay Ads homepage

Design focus

Advanced custom-responsive design

There is nothing standard about the design of eBay Ads. Their Homepage content is entirely built in Gutenberg Blocks.

The Code Company worked iteratively with design agency WithYou to bring eBay Ads’ humanize ecommerce vision and rich design to life.

Using a combination of Custom Gutenberg blocks and Core Blocks in React we made it possible to use blocks in multiple places, with enhanced features.

The result: A smart, scalable WordPress site that looks great and is user-friendly for both audience and client.

“As we continue to build our global business it’s important that our website has the flexibility to evolve with us.

It’s been really exciting for our regional partners to get local leads, as this never happened before”

Brandy Yarema,  Head of Marketing, Communications & Events eBay Ads

Lead generation

Increased engagement to accelerate inbound leads

The combination of an improved digital experience and content personalisation resulted in an explosion of new leads.

This was particularly significant for regional business units who had previously never benefited from targeted inbound leads.