Presentations & Industry Events

At The Code Company we attend and speak at WordPress, technology and publishing events as much as we can. It’s how we keep up to date with what is at the bleeding edge of technology and publishing.

Speaking at WordCamp Auckland 2014

Last week I flew over to New Zealand to speak at WordCamp Auckland 2014 – an event I’d been keeping my eye on for a little while. The Auckland WordCamp was put on by the same people who run the WordPress meet up over there. I was told early on in the piece, that the…

5 things I learned at WordCamp Orange County 2014

I recently attended WordCamp Orange County, my third WordCamp. This year happened to be Orange County’s 5th anniversary. I usually write up a post giving a summary of the talks, but let’s switch it up this time. I’m going to be trendy and go with the, “5 things I learned at WordCamp Orange County.”

Web Directions South 2013

For the final conference I’ll attend in 2013, I spent the last two days of last week down in Sydney for Web Directions South. After a couple year break from WDS, it was great to be back and a reminder why I need to go back next time. 

WordCamp Los Angeles 2013

A couple months ago I attended my first WordCamp in San Francisco. I had a good time and found it very productive. When I discovered Los Angeles was having a WordCamp, I jumped on the opportunity. I only live a couple of hours away from Los Angeles, so well worth the drive.

It’s hard to beat the work and experience that goes into San Francisco, but Los Angeles did a pretty good job.

WordCamp San Francisco 2013

Myself and the boss man (Ben) attended WordCamp San Francisco over the past weekend. If you’re not familiar with WordCamp, it’s a small conference / event for WordPress developers, bloggers, designers, and enthusiasts. WordCamp’s are organised by the WordPress community and are held all over the world. They’re a great place to meet fellow WordPress junkies and share ideas. This was personally my first time attending a WordCamp, and it only made sense for my first experience to take place in the city where WordCamp was started.

WebVisions Conference Barcelona 2013

I recently attended the WebVisions conference in Barcelona, Spain – A conference exploring the future of web technologies and changing how we as web professionals think about things that we do on a day to day basis.

I love attending great web conferences like this, after you leave you are so full of ideas, and new ways of doing things or new ways of thinking about problems.

The web industry moves fast. Very fast. Conferences like WebVisions enable us to keep up to date with what the very best around the world are doing, and to use those new approaches in our day-to-day work.

WordCamp Melbourne 2013 – Working with Massive WordPress Sites, Clients and Enterprise

Ben May from The Code Company presenting at WordCamp Melbourne 2013 about working with large scale WordPress deployments.