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Online security and Google’s 2-step verification process

Google has just introduced a two-step verification process which protects your Google accounts with both your password and your phone.

While we may think our accounts and passwords are safe and secure, many of us make rookie mistakes such as using the same password on multiple sites or inadvertently downloading or opening malicious software.

To combat this Google is recommending that we adopt a two-step verification process which involves us entering our password (as we usually would), but… IF it is the first time we’ve used that computer or mobile device, we will also be asked for a verification code which is sent to our mobile phone via text, voice mail, voice call or Google’s mobile app*.

Sure, it will take a little extra time when we first use a new computer or device, but… we can set it so it then recognises that device (and we don’t have to use the verification process in future).

The occasional few minutes however, will enhance our online security and add an extra layer of protection to our business or personal information.

For more information visit Google’s 2-Step Verification page.

*Note that there are back-up processes for those times when your phone is not available (such as pre-arranged backup codes, use of landlines or backup phone numbers).

Ben May

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