Migrating Australia's leading men's lifestyle publication to WordPress

Luxity Media wanted to migrate its flagship publication, Boss Hunting, from a proprietary CMS to a new WordPress platform to unlock creativity and give them more flexibility over their advertising stack.

“Over the last few years, Boss Hunting has grown from a blog into Australia's leading men's lifestyle publisher with over 500,000 Australian men visiting the site each month.

As the business grew and advertisers expectations and requirements evolved, it was clear that our current editorial platform and CMS wasn't sufficient to meet the present and future needs of a growing digital publisher”

- Jack Slade, Managing Director, Luxity Media

The Project

The Luxity Media team and The Code Company collaboratively identified the key business goals for this project.

Mobile design, content discoverability, performance and flexibility over the advertising platforms were all key priorities.

Refreshed Mobile First Design

To meet the needs of an on-the-go audience, mobile first design thinking was critical as part of the design refresh of the website.

The Code Company worked with Boss Hunting to update and optimise the existing design without having to go through an entire redesign process. This resulted in a highly-optimised experience for mobile traffic.

Boss Hunting being read
Page speed score from 7 to 96 improvement

Page speed & performance

Measuring Search Engine Optimisation and User Experience is all about page speed and performance.

By building a bespoke, lightweight WordPress theme, we were able to see a page speed score increase of over 150% across the site.

New Adtech Platform

Another key project goal was to enable the Luxity Media team sell more bespoke and direct advertising. The previous publishing platform offered very little flexibility or customisation when it came to advertising.

The Code Company recommended Publift as a partner to deploy the AdTech layer across the site. The migration to Publift also meant remaining inventory would benefit from Publift's programmatic adtech network.

Publift Logo

Thinking of moving to WordPress?

Migration to WordPress

As part of the migration, we developed a custom content migration process to handle the various ways data had been stored and inserted to the legacy site over a long period of time.

By moving to WordPress, Boss Hunting was able to leverage the WordPress ecosystem of plugins and add-ons that make it a great choice.

A WordPress powered site instantly gave Boss Hunting an arsenal of tools: from Search Engine Optimisation; WordPress' block editor; to social media sharing plugins to complement the new website.

The Boss Hunting editorial team now has access to one of the best article publishing experiences available on the internet.

Screenshot of WordPress article editor

First class WordPress platform

To support the growth of Luxity Media and its other publications, we recommended WP Engine - a natural fit for digital publishers.

WP Engine provides a stable platform to effortlessly handle high levels of traffic and keep the website running fast.

Leveraging WP Engine's underlying platform enabled our team to focus on adding value to the project rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.


“The new site is beautifully designed for our mobile-first audience and faster than we ever thought possible. The ability to have control over our AdOps again is a huge advantage moving forward and gives us the ability to produce bespoke display advertising campaigns for our clients.

We're very pleased with our new WordPress build through The Code Company and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a lean, mean publishing solution”

- Jack Slade, Managing Director, Luxity Media

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