Mumbrella wanted to reimagine its digital subscription offering.

Their goal was for the new product to go further than its predecessor, leveraging Mumbrella’s unique position in the market as the largest publisher in the Media, Marketing and Agency ecosystem in Australia.

“Mumbrella has a large range of media and marketing conferences throughout the year. We continually received requests from delegates, and those who couldn't attend the conference, for information shared during sessions.

Our speakers spend a lot of time on their presentations so were largely keen for their content to have a much longer tail. Expanding The Source was the ideal opportunity to achieve this, but the product needed a complete rethink. Rather than just fitting in the new content, we had the opportunity to improve The Source from a variety of angles.”

- Damian Francis, head of Mumbrella Professional


Given our strong existing relationship, Mumbrella called on The Code Company as we were already familiar with most parts of the business and understood the pivotal role the right technology could play in meeting Mumbrella’s changing needs.



We started by facilitating product definition workshops to clarify the stakeholders’ priorities and understand what exactly was going to make this digital subscription product work.


We engaged our friends at One Rise East and briefed them in to the project. Together we worked through some of the data design challenges presented.

The One Rise East team worked in synchronicity with the engineering team at The Code Company to build a user interface to meet the project objectives.

Data Migration

There were two significant components to the data migration for this project..

  • 1 Migrating from a legacy bespoke platform, to Chargify as the billing engine behind the scenes, without any interruption to billing or to the user experience.
  • 2 Migrating thousands of directory listings with inconsistent data structures due to the evolution of the previous data taxonomy and schema. This step required the engineering team to work closely with Mumbrella to normalise and standardise all the content coming through to Mumbrella Pro.

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The new Mumbrella Pro product was deployed on the latest version of WordPress, as the content and user management system; while Chargify was implemented as the billing engine with a highly customised integration between the two systems.

This means the editorial and content teams have best of breed content editing tools, while the support and subscription team can work in one of the best available subscription and billing management tools.



See our talk from WordCamp Sydney 2019 where we described how we build enterprise grade subscription products with Chargify and WordPress.

“Mumbrella Pro launched a day early and with minimal issues. It was exactly what we expected as a launch product and look forward to continually improving it with The Code Co. The agency were a great partner that we worked extremely closely with at every stage of development. We worked in a truly collaborative approach with both the development and design team. Ben and his team were available at all stages, were willing to change and adapt on the fly and responded quickly to development issues. What is usually a stressful and exhausting process was enjoyable and exciting.”

- Damian Francis, head of Mumbrella Professional

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