The CodeCo Creator Stack

A WordPress-based stack for independent publishers who want freedom, flexibility and ownership.

Migrate to WordPress

Take control of your tech

With the explosion of the creator economy, there are more tools than ever to publish and monetize content online. 

But when you want to go to the next level, you need to take control of your tech.

That’s why we built The Code Company Creator Stack — a WordPress-based stack for independent publishers who want freedom, flexibility and ownership.

We migrate all your content into your new SEO-optimised WordPress website and set up your newsletter, membership, and hosting requirements.

Creator writing a newsletter

Keep more of your revenue

We built the Creator Stack for those who want the best aspects of WordPress, Substack, Ghost, and other newsletter platforms, without giving up your data or tying your future to the whims and pivots of Big Tech. 

We don’t take a cut of revenue. We just build it, show you how it works, and hand you the keys. 


What you get with the Creator Stack:

  1. A customised WordPress publishing platform
  2. SEO-friendly & easy integrations with all major ESPs (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor etc.)
  3. A native newsletter-builder within WordPress
  4. Integration with our subscription management partners.
WordPress Migrations
seamless content migration

The Substack-WordPress Migrator 

Substack and platforms like it have made it easier than ever to start making money from your content.

But when it’s time to expand beyond subscription newsletters to a fully-customizable website, migrating all your posts can be a headache.

We’ve developed a custom tool that seamlessly migrates all your Substack posts into WordPress. Paywall configurations, URL redirections and more — it’s all taken care of.

“As I continued to think through what I was trying to build versus what Substack was supporting, I realised I was stuck.That’s why I decided to move from Substack to WordPress”

Jacob Cohen Donnelly, Founder

A Media Operator