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WP Engine an option for Enterprise WordPress sites in Australia

For the last 8 years The Code Company have been involved with a lot of high traffic and high profile WordPress sites. We’ve worked through the unique challenges of scaling a large WordPress site, but on top of that, the additional constraints placed on an exclusively Australian site for exclusively Australian visitors.

During this time, we’ve worked mostly with Australian enterprise cloud partners, to deploy fully managed AWS & VMWare based platforms. The Code Company would build out WordPress-optimised application layers on top of our partners expertise and enterprise grade monitoring and support.

WP Engine enters Australia

Towards the end of 2017, one of the the biggest players in the Managed WordPress hosting space, WP Engine, announced they are opening dedicated offices in our very own Brisbane, which includes a more strategic investment in the APAC region by offering all of their dedicated and enterprise plans in Australian data centres, and building a support team in Australia, for our timezone.

These were the biggest reasons why we as a business had steered clear of American managed WordPress hosts, the local account management and support were so important for mission critical websites and web applications.

Today, we are happy to say that we are recommending WP Engine’s Digital Experience Platform.

We hope through this partnership it will allow us to continue to focus on our WordPress engineering, and WP Engine to focus on building out scalable, highly available WordPress infrastructure.

Not all projects and applications we work on will suit a SaaS product like WP Engine, but there will be a lot that can take advantage of WP Engine’s fine-tuned, performance and scalability focused products.

Ben May

Ben is Managing Director of The Code Company. He is passionate about working with publishers on clever and innovative ways to solve complex problems. He works with The Code Company team on all projects, bringing his perspective and problem solving skills to deliver great outcomes.

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