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WordCamp Sydney 2018

WordCamp Sydney is a 2-day community-organised event focused on bringing together all things WordPress. Speakers share the latest happenings in WordPress, and the event is filled with discussion, innovation, and collaboration. WordCamps cater to individuals from different groups and skill levels, including bloggers, marketers, and developers.

The benefits of attending WordCamp Sydney

A few of us from The Code Company had the privilege of attending WordCamp Sydney in July. We were able to learn about what’s been happening with the WordPress community and web development space in general, ensuring our skills and knowledge is up-to-date.

Interesting topics and speakers

There were several topics that that piqued my interest. Below are just a few highlights of the many important takeaways from WordCamp Sydney.

  • The keynote speech, presented by Luke Carbis, was all about a major new feature coming soon to WordPress – Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the new page builder coming with WP version 5.0 that looks to revolutionise the way content it is produced and consumed for the web.
  • Brendan Woods gave an introductory talk on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which ensures that the data of EU citizens are protected and used in a lawful manner.
  • Alex Bishop gave an informative speech on the use of xDebug in the WordPress environment.
  • Scott Commins from The Code Company team also enjoyed hearing from Jane Tweedy who spoke about the perils of website development from the client’s point of view. He found the insight into the client’s perspective to be very informative and helpful.
  • Finally, Topher DeRosia discussed modern local environments and Local by Flywheel. I am currently getting a feel for Local and its features while working with some of our clients sites.

Share your experience to teach others

There were so many great speakers at WordCamp Sydney, one of whom was our own Scott Commins, who spoke about his journey with WordPress app development over the past five years.

Scott shared both the good and bad experiences we’ve all encountered using WordPress as an application development framework. It was great for us to have the opportunity to share some of our knowledge and give something back to the community.

Network with the community

Another great benefit of WordCamp is the opportunity to network with others in the industry, and see what new products and services the event sponsors had on display.

This was a great way to discover new services, tools, and everything else related to WordPress that could help our clients operate better.

Team building

Finally, attending WordCamp Sydney together helped our team strengthen our working relationships outside of the work environment. It was a great chance to experience some of the sights, sounds and flavours of the city of Sydney.

We all returned to our roles ready to collaborate more efficiently, and serve our clients even better.

Anthony Thorne

Anthony is a full stack WordPress engineer at The Code Company. He works with clients on projects and retainer engagements. Anthony has worked on large Chargify and other payment related API services.

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