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Benefits of a technical background in client project management

Having a project manager with a technical background will benefit your projects in more than one way. In addition to keeping things running smoothly, we are also able to navigate deadlines and budgets, keep communication crystal clear, and provide strategic expertise.

At The Code Company, we’ve had a lot of success with our project managers or team leads carrying out a hybrid of project management and front-end development. In this article, we’ll share some the benefits of a technical background for project management.

Clear timelines

The biggest advantage of working with a PM who has a technical background is crystal clear deadlines. We’re able to estimate more accurate delivery dates, thanks to an understanding of exactly how the work will be done. As soon as a requirement comes in, we can often start to estimate or consider knock on effects that may not be immediately evident to a non technical project manager.

Less chance of scope creep

On the agency-side, we can keep an eye on scope creep. We’ll be able to tell whether an extra feature will fit into the budget or not.

For our clients, we avoid surprise charges by keeping them informed about “little requests” that will go over budget. Our technical background allows us to make judgement calls immediately during a meeting, without having to check with the team before getting back to the client.

Easy translation

Even if everyone on a project speaks English, it can sometimes feel like different teams speak different languages. Developers often prefer requirements in a more specific and precise manner, and clients often describe requirements in a more outcome-focussed manner which can be time consuming for a developer to translate into tangible deliverables.

A technical PM bridges this gap by translating client expectations into developer terms, and managing client expectations about what’s possible and good practice.

Strategic and tactical knowledge

Finally, we are able to analyse client wants and needs to make business and strategy recommendations, instead of blindly following a client request that could harm a project.

This is a vital component of how The Code Company operates, as we always work toward the success of our clients.

We have worked with WordPress for so long that our clients can take advantage of our expertise. If we see a better or more affordable way to complete a project successfully, we will happily share it with you.

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