How a leading media and communications agency centralised and managed data for a national government campaign

A WordPress-powered communications platform to manage and centralise communications for a national change programme between 2012 and 2015.

The Project

N2N is one of Australia’s largest independent media and communication agencies. The Federal Department of Communications engaged N2N to prompt 20 million Australians to re-tune their TVs so they didn’t lose service when channels moved frequencies between 2012 and 2014.

The change impacted every Australian home and business with a TV set. Failure was not an option!

N2N needed a flexible and reliable platform that could centralise and assist in the creation and management of more than 400 localised PR campaigns across Australia and give visibility across a large set of data, which would have been impractical, it not impossible, with manual tools. 

The Solution

Due to the ambitious timeline and urgency of the project, and the communications' team familiarity with the WordPress editorial experience, WordPress was selected as the quickest way to get a solution up and running. WordPress's flexiblity also meant improvements and iterations were possible throughout the life of the campaign.

The Code Company created a custom WordPress-powered platform to manage the complex Digital Retune campaign data that was both user-generated and sourced from external APIs.

Remote saying get ready to retune

The application tracked hundreds of thousands of objects, such as geographic-specific action plans, phone calls and their responses, emails, email campaigns and local stakeholder and media contacts for each location. It was also smart enough to cross reference contacts who may have been relevant over multiple geographic-regions.

The platform had to integrate with other external APIs in real time. A common use for this would be switching the timeline when a physical tower would be changed over. A sequence of automated actions had to allow the team to manage the situation accurately.

Additionally, the platform allowed different levels of access to ensure that operators in call centres weren’t given the same privileges as project or campaign managers. There were multiple user roles, each with a unique purpose and set of responsibilities.


Action Plans
Geographic Regions
Plan Tasks
Unique Emails
Phone Calls
Activies Logged

The platform we developed was able to track all actions and pull together reports of overall campaign success both at a macro and micro level. This data was regularly presented to government officials, and needed to be detailed with pinpoint accuracy.

The platform was able to increase efficiency across almost all aspects of the Digital Retune PR campaign. It allowed N2N to focus on delivering quality work at a more strategic level rather than micromanaging the information flow.

“For three years, n2n relied on The Code Company to deliver and support a key range of web properties for a number of our clients in both in the enterprise and government sectors.

As is the nature of working in government and corporate enterprises, some  projects have had very tight deadlines and included very complex systems that needed to be thought through and carefully considered.

The Code Company work closely with the relevant stakeholders and manage our expectations well."

- Callum Bruford, Director of Government Programmes

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