Websites from The Code Company are built exactly to your specifications, based on what you want and our expertise regarding what you need.

Instead of just taking your orders to make quick cash, we evaluate whether the project you want is the best fit according to your goals. There may be better solutions that were overlooked, or better options for your business success.

We partner with our clients to ensure they execute websites well, strategically, as well as technically.

Custom website development

Being able to build things from the ground up means we are not constrained by the parameters of existing platforms, software, or other tools. We can create the websites you want, complete with any functionality or integration you need.

Here are a few ways we can help when it comes to building your website:

  • We can create fully responsive HTML sites
  • We test on React, mobile, and other browsers and platforms
  • We optimise your website (SEO, design, hierarchy) so it ranks well on SERPs

Lean on our expertise to optimise your projects and presence

Being experts in the industry means we know what platforms, software, and other tools can help make your website great. We’ve been in the technical trenches so long that we’ve seen similar problems and solutions come up time and again. We know how to address these in the quickest, simplest way to save you time, money, and hassle.

Give us a design, and we can turn it into a top tier website.