Enterprise Maintenance

Ensure your websites and software continue working at peak performance

Ensure long-term website or application performance

Day-to-day maintenance isn’t glamorous, but it’s vital for keeping your business up and running. Our many long-term retainer clients can tell you that keeping their websites and apps updated and secure have saved them countless headaches.

We help government databases, marketing websites, publishing applications, and more stay updated, secure, and working seamlessly.

Here are a few things we do regularly:

Create backups of your content

Updating software and plugins

Link checking for function and SEO

Finding and fixing any errors

Keep your websites updated and secure

Don't leave your website performance up to chance. We ensure all updates are compatible with your systems before installing.

Online tools and the state of the Internet constantly evolve. Things are changing in SEO, development best practices, and online security as you read this sentence. In order to keep up, we need to continually ensure your apps and websites are running on the most updated versions.

However, instead of implementing a new release immediately and then looking for mistakes after, we take a proactive approach. Within 1 business day, we will manually run through any updates (such as a new WordPress security release), test it, and release it to ensure all updates work across your entire system.

Manually updating your tools in this way leaves less room for error compared to automated updates. We proactively test before installing, so your business is never interrupted by unexpected surprises.