Do you already have a development team or agency, but need a little extra technical expertise? The Code Company provides in-depth WordPress consulting and training so you can get all the information you need to succeed.

WordPress is constantly evolving, and you need to regularly evaluate how your website is performing. This is important for finding mistakes, like custom code that no longer works after an update, or whether you just want to make sure your website is following current best practices.

Technical consulting: Find what works and what doesn’t

We do work on a consulting basis to find the easily overlooked mistakes that will hurt your bottom line. We figure out where your website and tools need to be optimized, from things like page loading speed to overall data systems design.

In a website audit, we’ll dig out and define any problems that may be overlooked but will come back to bite you later. Do you have a hidden security problem? Is there something that won’t scale as you grow?

We’ll also provide a list of solutions, which you can take to your in-house team or anyone else who can get the fixes implemented.

WordPress training: Relevant, applicable education for you and your team

We bring the strategy, you bring the team. If you have your own team of developers, The Code Company can teach customized training sessions based on your business needs. Learn about anything from advanced WordPress builds to systems design and APIs.

We’ll help you map out how to build the best website possible, including:

  • Plugin recommendations and customisation
  • WordPress-specific best practices
  • How to integrate and scale
  • Complex, custom-built functions

Hiring qualified employees: We can find the best talent for your team, and weed out the rest

For non-technical managers, hiring a developer can be challenging. Knowing what skills to look for and understanding the terminology alone is daunting when you aren’t familiar with the software side of your business.

Luckily, we want you to hire good people, so we’re willing to help you find them! The Code Company can be your virtual CTO for a day to interview your candidates, review their qualifications, and make recommendations.

Get the best on your team, vetted by the experts.