Web applications are tools that your business can use to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and operations. For unique solutions, bespoke web applications do something that off-the-shelf tools cannot do. The Code Company can build and customize these apps depending on what functionality is most important for your business success.

Here are a few things we’ve built for our clients.

  • Job boards that allow others to post their own job listings and announcements for approval, with private messaging.
  • Food delivery app where customers can select their menu for the week, connected to a scheduling and billing system.
  • Awards database that allows digital submissions. Applicants can upload and edit projects until the deadline. Then, judges can shortlist and view submissions within the portal.
  • Custom ticketing platforms that incorporate groups, codes, and discounts beyond what existing ticketing tools can do (without the commissions!).
  • Speed networking tool that sends everyone an itinerary, seat number, and who they will be dining with at the event.

Instead of trying to integrate five different tools, we create something designed specifically for your needs that will scale as your business does. We build applications that grow with your business, run smoothly, and provide an easy-to-use user interface.

Improving existing solutions

Do you already have your own custom solution?

We work with custom-built applications that need a little more refinement. We can enhance, combine, or fix your software tools to do whatever you need to get done.

Improving existing solutions

We create custom eCommerce integrations that allow our clients to sync up their retail stores, add functionality for their customers, combine different tools, and more. With tools that work seamlessly, your customers will have no problem coming back for more.

Here are a few ways we can help eCommerce clients with custom applications.

  • Ensure your inventory syncs up across physical locations
  • Combine multiple tools and eliminate data leakage
  • Build a single platform for your customers to claim rewards