Announcing Made Neat - A Specialist Team For Our Small Business Customers

8th July 2017

By Ben May

This week we are happy to announce the launch of Made Neat, a specialist company spun off from The Code Company. For some time now we have known that we needed a specific team to service our small business clients. After months of research, discussion and planning we came to the conclusion this needed to be a fresh brand relatable to its customers and this week Made Neat, the small business arm of The Code Company was launched this week.

Staff members Paul Tevis, Jackson Poultney and Gayel Stewart-Airs have all moved into this team each bringing their own experience and expertise in working with small business clients.

What does Made Neat do?

The team of Made Neat are a dynamic team that like to take a business’s website pain points and fix them.  They understand that it is essential for a small business website to be user-friendly and work hard, bringing in leads and sales conversions. They work with people who want to showcase their business online in a unique and innovative manner creating bespoke WordPress websites that ooze design and functionality.

Made Neat do not use off the shelf themes.  And while most may worry many that the bespoke route could end up an expensive way to build a website, we can assure you in many cases it isn’t, and the long term benefits far outweigh the short term gratification a theme may bring.  The Made Neat team even wrote a great blog post about this topic that you may be interested to read here.

Aside from websites, Made Neat have also added brand and identity design, hosting and email marketing to their services

Whilst they aren’t a one-stop design agency like many you will find in the small business website development space, we believe they have struck the perfect chord for many of their current clients and those yet to come on board.  The future of Made Neat is going to be a long and great one for the team and their client’s and we wish them the very best.